The Method - How Move In Mind can improve your life and body-mind balance


Do you want to feel lighter, ageless and relieved from movement restriction, pain, stress and anxiety?

Would you like to experience mind-body balance, be in great shape and achieve optimal wellbeing?

Are you experiencing painful or limiting symptoms and looking for relief? 

Do you want to optimize your pelvic floor's health and strength?

Are you interested in getting rid of perimenopause and menopause symptoms? 

Put your mind at the service of your health through mindful movement training.

Move In Mind™ helps you improve general health and movement execution by the use of specific mental imagery integrated with simple movement explorations and exercises based on breathing. It enables you to master body-mind connections and optimize the engagement of the postural muscles, so that you can increase your sense of self-support and balance on both the physical and emotional level.

Move In Mind is based on the principles of Rolfing Structural Integration and aims to improve breathing, posture, coordination, and pelvic floor health.  Moreover, the practice of Move In Mind improves stress, anxiety and emotion management. It's a powerful tool to achieve not only movement fluidity, but also a higher degree of general wellbeing.

Move in Mind can be also integrate in any rehabilitation and recovery process and can be helpful for those who are recovering from injury or illness.

If you want to...
  • Improve breathing and posture, and carry your body in the most functional, pleasant and easy way

  • Master gravity in order to optimize movement performances

  • Feel ageless and move effortlessly

  • Reduce perimenopause and menopause symptoms

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor 

  • Increase freedom of movement, sense of stability and endurance

  • Engage functionally the postural muscles

  • Choose words helping you create states of the body and mind which are functional to the achievement of your goals

  • Feel lighter and move gracefully, improving movement fluidity

  • Breathe functionally in any movement task and activity

  • Move from "the core" and engage it effortlessly

  • Improve endurance and feel stronger

  • Improve coordination

  • Keep your body in a good shape with minimum effort

  • Find a way to perform effortlessly any kind of exercise, workout, movement practice or daily activity

  • Support yourself in movement rehabilitation and recovery processes

  • Make your workout 100% efficient, but also make your body 100% efficient without workout

  • Relieve back pain

  • Manage emotions and deal efficiently with stress and anxiety

.... Then Move In Mind is for you.

Move In Mind is also for:
  • Dancers, athletes, gymnasts and people performing disciplines movement related who want to master movement effortlessly

  • Therapists and holistic healers who want to be a model of health, body-mind balance and wellbeing for their students and clients

  • Anybody who wants to improve movement execution, coordination and body mind balance through mindful movement training

  • Sportspersons and gym-goers who want to maximize the efficacy of any workout or physical training

  • Physical actors who want to increase stage presence and improve emotional management

  • Sports and circus performers who want to maximize movement coordination, endurance and fluidity

  • Women experiencing hormonal transitions like perimenopause, menopause, postpartum, post-pregnancy etc.

  • Women who want to increase their pelvic floor's strength and health.

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