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"Since my childhood I have been fascinated by connections. I have always been committed to connecting dots between all the aspects of life and of the human being. For me integration means the complete expression of our human potential, in harmony with the world around us. 

I have both an artistic and a scientific background. I'm a Certified Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement™ practitioner, Morales Method® Certified Instructor, and I have been working both as a performing artist and a movement coach and trainer since the 1990s. 

My areas of expertise include Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching, NLP, Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Yoga, Tai Chi and Aikido.

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My passion for connections, communication and neuroscience has brought me to explore the fascinating world of interconnections between our body structure, thoughts, emotions, language, and the perceived environment.

Following my call I become a Craniosacral Therapist first, and then a Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement practitioner, and I have been keeping working happily as a bodyworker, a movement coach and a performer. In the 1900s I met Philip Beamish (1956 - 2018),  dance teacher and coach of the "stars" of ballet, and we started a collaboration in order to create and register his method, Beamish Bodymind Balancing, of which I became a trainer.


In 2009 I suffered from neurological issues due to a mild brain anoxia. I was already using mental imagery, mental rehearsals and visualization techniques in my bodywork sessions and movement classes. Believing in neuroplasticity, I started playing with all my tools  in order to “rewire” my nervous system and achieve a complete healing. I started exploring and creating routines and new exercises and strategies. I believed strongly that, by drawing from my inner, deepest resources and by integrate all the tools I already had at my disposal in a new way, I could restore the damaged neural networks and come back to full functionality. And so I did it.

After my recover, I created the Move In Mind™ method supported by my husband, Davide Pierini, a passionate neuropsychologist.

I started to apply the Move In Mind to my clients, achieving extraordinary results both in the fields of movement performance and rehabilitation. Move In Mind is based on the principles of Rolfing Structural Integration and Beamish Bodymind Balancing, developed in the frame of the most recent discoveries in the world of neuroscience. It is a revolutionary method aimed at make gravity the best resource, instead of a challenge.

Between 2017 and 2018 I suffered from invalidating symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME). I turned this challenge into a productive exploration and I spent my sabbatical year optimizing Move In Mind, that was also a very consistent way to recover, fast and completely.


This is the reason why I decided to work, from now on, also as an online trainer, for the benefit of as many people as possible."

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