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About the Move In Mind™ Method taught and practiced by Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci has a unique and deep understanding of the body, mind, and spirit connection. Her extensive background in dance has given her a spiritual, physical, and emotional reservoir of great dimension. She brings great compassion and understanding into her broad spectrum of healing techniques, which is what makes her so deeply helpful.

Evelyn Hart, Ballerina (Royal Winnipeg Ballet), professional trainer & coach

The work with Monica has been a wonderful journey of awareness that brought me to feel  free in my body, soul and mind. All the integration process has helped set me free from perceived limitations and sense of insecurity. I have a more correct and functional posture, and above all I've acquired a deepest sense of grounding and self-support.

I have considerably improved my flexibility and my joint and muscle elasticity, achieving a wonderful state of general and global well-being.


Catia Domaine, Personal Trainer, fitness & wellness instructor

After my first session with Monica I was walking more easily than I had been for months following a motorcycle accident. She taught me some exercises to improve my movements by recruiting the right muscles for the right movements. Her use of imagery was useful in getting past the preconceptions of my body and my preconceptions on how it should work, to a more flexible model that helped connect me to my surroundings. After a session I feel an incredible amount of space, balance, and calm. Before I would search for good posture and alignment and never quite find it, now it's the most comfortable place to be!


Louis Kammerer, Circus Artist, Cavalia

I recommend Monica Canducci’s method. I know Monica and can say that she is a devoted researcher and skillful practitioner. Her method is based on years of studying and of practicing on herself and her clients.

Pierpaola Volpones, Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™ International Instructor

We all want to give our clients support. But if a person doesn't perceive they are supported, the results of our work won’t get very far. I find the entire purpose of Move In Mind™ is to help a person find their own sense of self support. That is key for this transformative work. It’s how our clients can integrate bodywork, take on new movements, and create different patterns that better serve them. I honestly never realized how essential a “sense of self support” was until I was introduced to the Move In Mind philosophy.

"I really like this exercise and I don't even think about the pain in my feet. When I am done the small cramp goes away." My client, Kevin G., said this after doing a technique learned from the program. Then he went for a walk not realizing he was moving through his entire foot and activating his toes, something he was unable to do several sessions earlier. In fact, his pain has diminished significantly, and he is accessing his metatarsal muscles in a whole new way. Now this new movement is sticking with him between sessions and it’s only getting better.

When applying Move In Mind, I am now finding my clients more relaxed, their tissue is responding better, and they can practice movements they were unable to execute before. This work is absolutely fascinating, and I highly recommend it for any bodyworker. It’s the support your clients need to step into the changes they seek.

Denise DeShetler, Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration Certified Practitioner

By working with Monica and following her training courses, I've found the opportunity to improve in several aspects. A deeper awareness of the functioning of the body helps me understand what's going on within my psycho-physical structure, and this helps me work in a functional way (now I can spend many hours standing, while keeping my verticality effortlessly). As a dancer, I can use what I have experienced to prepare my body for action. As a teacher, I can pass on what I learned to my students in dance classes, helping them increase their performance. In addition, I improved my ability to teach. I've started to dedicate some classes to people outside the world of dance and sport, helping them find a way to feel good, improve their range of motion, reduce muscular pain, and rediscover that sense of stability and balance needed to deal with life and the surrounding world.

Roberta Mussoni, Dancer, ballet teacher 

THANKS MONICA! Thanks because you gave me the opportunity to know myself through my body, achieving a new freedom. I feel reborn and my attitude in life has changed for the better. All people should experience "in their flesh" how much they can be happier in their body.

Thanks again.

Pilar Ottoz, Anchorwoman at RAI (Italian National TV)

I just want to express my excitement and gratitude for the new movement education I have been applying in my sessions.

For the past few years I have been providing Structural Integration series and have added some movement pieces I've learned here and there to help with my clients process. But to be honest, most of the time I felt at a loss with what specific movements I could use that resonated with my clients and also helped them integrate the bodywork.

Luckily for me, I stumbled upon a video with Monica Canducci doing some fascinating work with a person with paralysis. I was so intrigued by what she was doing I had to seek her out and learn more. That lead me to Move In Mind.

Move in Mind became the foundation for all my other movement pieces in my practice. It's a pathway for clients to tap into their own sense of self support. Which is vital for a person to be able to integrate new space in their body and take on new patterns. The best part, I was able to apply this work immediately after my training. It has brought more structure and more creativity to my SI series. My clients are enjoying the process and happily using these movement exercises between sessions. Now I am seeing them being able to apply the new range of movement with much more ease. And as a practitioner I truly love working this way.

Thank you Monica for your brilliance and allowing me to support my clients in a whole new way.

Denise DeShetler, MMASI Certified Practitioner

If you are interested in integrating the Move In Mind™ Method in your practice, look at the CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.


​Finally the Move In Mind Method is available through an Online Course and a Certification Program. 

​Since 2019 Move In Mind has become part of the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration (MMASI) Certification Programs and named Morales Method® Move In Mind™.

The Online Course is also the prerequisite to accessing the Training to become a Morales Method® Move In Mind™ Certified Practitioner and Instructor. 


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