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The Method - Move In Mind and Movement Performance  


What are the abilities and resources that all artists in the world of entertainment would like to master, in order to get the best performance?

Expressiveness and the ability to communicate, to convey emotions and evoke feelings through their personal interpretation; the ability to amaze and involve the public through their “easy”, flowing use of the “body-voice instrument” (and/or their musical instrument), which guarantees precision in the execution of the performance; the capacity to show that they feel pleasure in using their bodies and/or voices, free from unnecessary tensions, pain, movement restrictions or other limitations; the creativeness to produce new events and performances; optimal attentional control; good staying power and the ability to recover from fatigue and stress, as well as managing personal emotions; the ability to maintain good physical shape, to continuously improve performance, to recover quickly in periods of intense work, to prevent injuries due to stress and overtraining.

Finally, all artists aim to realize and express their full potential, because they know that both their gratification and the satisfaction of their audience depends on that. This is the prerequisite to what we define “success” in performing arts.

Because of my personal experience in this field as a performing artist (dance, mime, singing, acting, playing piano) and a movement coach, I've experienced that Move in Mind is greatly useful for professionals working in the field of performing arts as actors, singers, musicians, dancers, circus performers, as well as for those individuals who practice athletics disciplines in which artistic expression takes on an important role, like, for example, artistic skating, ice dancing, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, etc.

Move In Mind One On One sessions can be considered a powerful movement coaching/training tool to achieve peak performance: a way to provide support and new tools essentials to both expressive research and psycho-physical balance. 

Specifically, Move In Mind enables to reshape the body, manage emotions, calm and focus thoughts, with spectacular results on and off stage. It is a powerful tool helping you maintain a healthy and youthful body, a focused mind, a balanced emotional state, and  to prevent unnecessary tensions, pain and injuries. It also promotes self-esteem and self confidence, and prolongs the ability not only to perform longer, but also to live a richer and more satisfying life.

Move In Mind can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual, leading to discover a new approach to coordination, expressiveness and efficacy, supporting performing artists and athletes who want:

  • intensify awareness, explore inner resources and extend their range of expression;

  • increase stage presence;

  • maximize quality and efficiency in any performance;

  • prevent, remove or reduce those body restrictions (sometimes involving also the emotional and mental level) which could inhibit from recognizing or expressing one's abilities;

  • reduce muscular unnecessary tensions and pain;

  • prevent issues aging-related;

  • facilitate the recovery process from injuries;

  • manage stress;

  • improve the management and expression of emotions and feelings; 

  • develop efficient and functional habits about breathing, posture and movement, on stage and in daily life. 

If you are interested in integrating the Move In Mind™ Method in your practice, look at the CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.


​Finally the Move In Mind Method is available through an Online Course and a Certification Program. 

​Since 2019 Move In Mind has become part of the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration (MMASI) Certification Programs and named Morales Method® Move In Mind™.

The Online Course is also the prerequisite to accessing the Training to become a Morales Method® Move In Mind™ Certified Practitioner and Instructor. 


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