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Move In Mind Basic Online Course - Improve your posture & move effortlessly

Move in Mind™ basic online course is addressed to all those who want to improve posture, movement skills and movement execution. It is an incomparable instrument for all movement practitioners (performing arts, sports, yoga, etc.), and for anyone who wants to master movement effortlessly by mastering their relationship with the gravity field. The course is based on mindful movement explorations and suitable also for people going through movement rehabilitation or recovery processes.

Move in Mind basic course can be useful also if you are are recovering from an injury in order to support your rehabilitation process, if you are recovering from illness, or dealing with so called chronic illness symptoms like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

This course aims at teaching the practical basis of the Move In Mind method through simple movement explorations and exercises. You can get benefits from this course also if you want to improve your posture, your general health and your movement skills by experiencing how mental images evoked by words, thoughts and emotions can affect our body posture and movement execution.

The Move in Mind method is based on the idea that by purposefully influencing the basic processes underlying movement preparation and control, people can improve movement execution. To do this, specific mental images can be used to improve motor planning and execution. Such images aim at enabling the engagement of the "involuntary" processes involving mostly our deepest, intrinsic muscle fibres (i.e. tonic fibres), which support every movement by regulating our balance and posture in relation to the gravity field.

The course is aimed at giving you practical tools to be applied to your daily life and activities, in order to improve both your sense of self support (while standing, sitting, walking etc.) and your movement execution/coordination.

All the movement explorations are also aimed at integrating breathing and movement in the most functional and effective way.

If you want to understand more, you're invited to contact me and/or watch the free videos in the preview, in order to understand if and how this course can support you to achieve your goals.


  • Individuals who want to keep their body in the best shape effortlessly

  • Anybody who wants to improve movement execution, coordination and body mind balance through mindful movement

  • Individuals who want to feel ageless

  • People who want to improve self confidence

  • Women experiencing hormonal transitions like menopause, postpartum, post-pregnancy etc.

  • Women who want to increase pelvic floor awareness and health

  • People recovering from illness and injury

  • People suffering from symptoms like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis

  • People who want to explore movement through mental imagery work

  • Sportsmen, sportswomen and gym-goers who want to maximize the efficacy of any workout or physical training

  • Sports and circus performers who want to maximize movement coordination, endurance and fluidity

  • Physical actors who want to increase stage presence and improve emotional management

  • Dancers, athletes, gymnasts and people performing disciplines movement related who want to master movement effortlessly


There are no requirements to follow this course. It is suitable for people already practicing disciplines movement related (sports, dance, martial arts, yoga etc.) as well as for people who don't like to - or can't - practice any kind of exercise, workout or sport. It can be followed also in case of movement limitations.


The course is structured in three Parts (Channels), including 9 sections, each one meant to be a step of a process. 

Part I

  • Section 1 - Introduction: about the course and how to get the best from it.

  • Section 2 - Choose your words: about the basic body-mind connections - the connections between thought, emotions, body structure and posture; how our choice of words can affect the state of the body; and how mental images affect physiology. 

  • Section 3, 4 and 5 - Movement Explorations aimed at enabling you to improve your sense of balance, posture and coordination, and achieve movement fluidity. The sections are progressive and can be followed also as movement exploration classes.

Part II

  • Section 6 - Floor work and beyond: from relaxation to the upright position, Movement Explorations aimed at resetting our relationship with the gravity field. 

  • Section 7 - Floor Exercises: a sequence of simple and effective exercises aimed to increase sense of self support and balance.

Part III

  • Section 8 - A class with me: a one-hour class (5 videos) that constitutes also a powerful, easy and fun routine to be performed once in a while or daily/weekly, according to your needs and goals.

  • Section 9 - Conclusion.


  • Understand the connections between body, thoughts, emotions and language

  • Increase sense of self support and balance through easy and fun movement explorations and exercises

  • Increase body awareness and presence

  • Improve posture and carry your body in the most functional, pleasant and easy way

  • Master gravity in order to optimize movement performances

  • Use mental images to increase ease of movement, sense of stability and endurance

  • Create mental images aimed at engaging functionally the postural muscles

  • Choose words helping you create states of the body and mind which are functional to the achievement of your goals

  • Feel lighter and move effortlessly and gracefully, improving movement fluidity

  • Maximize movement performance of any kind

  • Breathe functionally in any movement task and activity

  • Move from the core and engage it effortlessly

  • Improve endurance and feel stronger

  • Improve coordination

  • Keep your body in a good shape with minimum effort

  • Get the best results with minimum effort in movement performance

  • Apply the principles of the Move In Mind to any kind of exercise, workout, movement practice or daily activity

  • Use mental images to support yourself in movement rehabilitation and recovery processes

  • Choose words supporting the health of your body and mind

  • Make your workout 100% efficient, but also make your body 100% efficient without workout

  • Ease back pain

  • Perform an easy one-hour movement routine as a summary of the course

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