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Monica Canducci - Move In MindTM

The Move-in MindTM Project

A project dedicated to help people suffering from neurological acquired injury. 

We experience the world through our senses by moving in it. It's a huge part of our integration process that happens through the body and through its representation "into" our brain. And even if we perceive limitations in our body and senses, we can continue to process and integrate new experiences by moving in our mind. 
The Move-in Mind™ Project is dedicated to help people suffering from acquired neurological injury. It is aimed to create a network connecting people who work in the fields of cognitive rehabilitation, physical and motor rehabilitation, education, caregiving, home care, voluntary, and all the people involved in taking care of those who suffer because of an acquired brain or spinal cord injury, in order to share knowledge, experiences, ideas and integrate new tools in their practices*. 

EBook coming soon - New edition and editing.

The amazing results achieved on a case of quadriplegia (the case of Claudio) by integrating a specific sensory-motor imagery training in touch and movement work.  
This eBook describes the steps that led to create the method that day after day is revealing its great potential both in movement rehabilitation and high performance fields. 
As a first step, I'm starting to share the principles and basis of that specific sensory-motor imagery training I called Move-in Mind™ in an ebook that will be available very soon.
I created this training working on the case of Claudio B., a young man who became a quadriplegic after a car injury, and on other cases I've followed beside and after my work with him. 

In this context, I'm committed to provide soon training (via eBook and handouts at the beginning, and via video as soon as possible), addressed to people giving daily care to who’s affected from an acquired nervous system injury and to everybody interested to this work. These trainings include the fundamentals of Move-in Mind™ Training: sensory-motor imagery, "listening touch", communication. I’ll gladly provide trainings in English and Italian.

Stay tuned.  Visit my MoveInMindBlog for the updates, enjoy the videos about the case of Claudio and others, read about my work with Michael, read the reports after Move-in Mind Training courses. 

And contact me :-) 

Thank you!
*The Move-in Mind™ Project was born as a branch of the K-Brain Projectdedicated to those who take care of people with an acquired nervous system injury in order to give indications about constant rehabilitation and re-education at home. The K-Brain Project is at the moment in stand-by because I moved from Italy to Canada with my husband who was working with me on that. Here in Canada, I took back this Project and I decided to develop the branch specifically dedicated to the use of sensory-motor imagery in the process of movement re-education. 

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