Discover Move In Mind and improve your life, health and professional practice.


Explore and understand the connections between your body, thoughts, emotions and the environment.

Increase your sense of self support and mind-body balance, facilitating emotion and stress management.

Improve your posture and keep your body in a good shape with minimum effort.


For all those bodyworkers, physical therapists, movement trainers, coaches, and instructors who want to increase their effectiveness, and for those "movement professionals" practicing and teaching performing arts, sports, yoga, pilates, etc. who want to get the best results in their practice and performances.


Move In Mind™ is a precious tool supporting individuals undergoing rehabilitation  processes, recovering from illness or injuries, and dealing with chronic pain or symptoms of CFS/MA, fibromyalgia, etc. It can be integrated in the practice of all those bodyworkers and professionals working in the healthcare and rehabilitation field (physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, nurses, psychologists, practitioners in complementary and alternative medicine) who want to make a difference in supporting their clients in their recovery process. 


Optimize movement performance by improving mind-body balance and movement control. Move In Mind™ is a powerful tool for all those performing artists and athletes who want to reshape their body, manage emotions, calm and focus their thoughts achieving spectacular results on and off stage. Maintain a healthy and youthful body, a focused mind, a balanced emotional state to deal with stress preventing unnecessary tensions, pain and injuries. 

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