Rolfing® S. I. sessions, Move In Mind Online Coaching & Training, and more with Monica Canducci

I presently offer movement session online.

I will start again to give Rolfing sessions in person after July 20 2020.

Please contact me to set up a free no-obligation call and have your questions answered. 


In-person sessions will be offered again in Montreal area (North Shore) after July 20 2020, and include Rolfing Structural Integration and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Move In Mind and Beamish Bodymind Balancing sessions are available remotely.

Please contact me for further information or if you want to book a session. 

In-person sessions

Rolfing Structural Integration, Rolf Movement & Move In Mind

Free your body from pain and movement restrictions. 

Rolfing S. I. sessions, Rolf Movement & Move In Mind to re-establish balance in the body structure in relation to the gravity field, restoring a functional relationship between the various parts of the body.

Craniosacral Therapy & The Listening Touch

Increase your general wellbeing and mind-body balance.

A gentle approach based on a very light touch aimed to rebalance the functions of the body and to bring peace to the mind. Suitable for individuals of all ages.

Online Sessions & Courses

My online programs include private online sessions and video courses.

Book your initial free no obligation consultation to get in touch and find out how we can work together, or take a look at Our Services and Membership Plans and then contact me. I'll be glad to explain how I work, and we will find together the best option or create a customized program that suits your needs and goals. 

Move In Mind

Improve your breathing, posture and mind-body balance.

Increase your general wellbeing, relieve back pain and keep your body in a good shape with minimum effort. Achieve mind-body balance and effortless alignment.

Beamish Bodymind Balancing

Reshape your body through a powerful floor sequence


An incomparable tool to maintain a healthy, youthful body, a focused mind, a balanced emotional state, and avoid chronic injuries. 

Online & In Person Sessions

CONTACT ME to book a call to understand how we can work together to achieve your goals.
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