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Movement & Integration 

Monica Canducci

My interests…and beyond…

I think that every integration process is also a kind of "healing", and sometimes healing happens when we change something in our life and habits.

I’m interested in anthropology, spiritual traditions and transcultural healing practices. In my opinion, working on “integration” comprehends and needs an open attitude to different backgrounds regarding the human being, his culture, his connections, his beliefs, etc.

I worked with healers, shamans and spiritual masters from different parts of the world and different spiritual traditions, learning to open my heart and my mind and to go beyond appearances and labels.

I believe that everything and everyone is interconnected with everything and everyone else, and sometimes I experience the opportunity to go beyond the borders of my own earthly identity, walking on the line between life and death, receiving information from a dimension  that's invisible to the physical eye

I love to walk and dance in the Nature (I like especially mountains, waterfall, creek and woods), and to study and search connections about symbols, archetypes, geometry, numbers, letters... I wrote some books around those topics, because I love to write, too. One of these books is titled “Gli Arcani della Soglia – The Threshold Arcana” and comprehends 22 cards that reproduce the series of 22 oil paintings in which I drew the “essence” of Tarots Mayor Arcana. 

In fact, one of the ways I love to pass my spare time is painting images and writing stories inspired by the “subtle” and invisible dimensions, and by the fairy creatures that inhabited and gave life to my childhood dreams, investing me with the capacity to keep an open, receptive mind and look on the world with the curiosity of one who has always something new to discover and learn. 

It's like a journey ...towards…

"…a magic kingdom, enchanted, made of the stuff dreams are made of … an insubstantial world, ethereal yet enveloping, where the light is brighter, colors more brilliant, sounds more vibrant … feelings more intense …

A fantastic world, where every story sinks into the depths of the labyrinths of the mind, where every opening is a threshold leading to the discovery of hidden treasures to be brought to the light …

 To know more about this world that include my artworks, my inspirations, my spiritual quest and related books, 

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