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Monica Canducci - Move In MindTM

Move-in MindTM

"The ultimate goal is effortless movement and maximum control."

A powerful sequence of floor exercises to achieve strength, balance, stability and flexibility, integrating movement & mental imagery in order to improve the activation of neuromuscular connections. A method that reshapes the body, helps to manage emotions, to calm thoughts and to focus attention, with spectacular results. An unrivaled tool to develop and maintain a healthy body, a focused mind, a balanced emotional state, preventing injuries and chronic pain. 

The aim of Move in Mind is to align the body and focus the mind to obtain maximum results while eliminating unnecessary tensions, increasing balance, psychomotor coordination, mobility and flexibility, sense of stability and poise.

This powerful method consists of a series of exercises, which are accessible to everybody. It begins with floor movements and gradually reaches an upright position, so as to re-establish the right balance of the body structure in relation to the force of gravity, according to the principles of Rolfing® Structural Integration. The series includes some of the basics exercises of the Beamish Bodymind Balancing method, created by Maestro Philip B. Beamish. Move in Mind enhances perception, proprioception and interoception (the ability to "listen to" our body, or the sense responsible for detecting internal regulation responses) in order to increase awareness and presence.

How the Move In Mind method works

The Move in Mind series starts with exercises about breathing and relaxation. In fact, if we want to be efficient in every kind of activity, especially the highly trained ones (such as performing arts, martial arts, athletic disciplines), we have to know how to allow the energy to flow through our body in motion. It is possible when our breathing is free from limitations and connected to every gesture, and when we are able to avoid unnecessary tension by feeling, recognizing,  differentiating and integrating the work of the various parts involved in executing movements. When we learn to target and use only what is "essential", and work at the maximum in the most efficient, physiologic, economic and integrated manner possible, we can achieve effortless movement, strength and flexibility (the opposite to the old “no pain, no gain” theory).  And it’s easier when we start to become aware of the most amazing tissue in our body: our “fascia”.

Fascia is much more than “a wrap around the muscles.” Fascia is the “organ system of stability and mechano-regulation” (Varela & Frenk 1987) that gives shape to our bodies. Every cell in our body is hooked into—and responds to—the tensional environment of the fascia, also called “neuro-myo-fascial net”.

Fascial elasticity has not been recognized until recently, and the mechanisms involved are still being studied, but it’s clear that if we want to train our body-mind system in a complete and effective manner, we have to train our whole neuro-myo-fascial system. Engaging long myofascial chains through appropriate whole-body movements is one of the best ways to train the fascial system, and it is exactly the aim of Move in Mind.

The Move In Mind exercises, never repetitive, are always performed with complete awareness of the act of breathing, and focused on the development of perception, proprioception, interoception, on stretching, on toning up (and tuning up...), on reinforcing. All the exercises are based on an aware and functional use of te deep,  inner muscles (the "core"), paying particular attention to deepest abdominals and pelvic muscles (transverse abdominis, diaphragm, ilio-psoas, pubococcygeus, etc.), maximally engaged by the use of specific an targeted mental imagery. The use of appropriate mental imagery facilitates the engagement of specific brain motor networks involving the "involuntary" muscle fibres (tonic fibres) that support every movement, managing our balance and posture in relation with the gravity field. Move in Mind enables to reshape the body and to manage emotions, with amazing results. It is a tool to maintain a healthy and youthful body, a focused mind, a balanced emotional state, and of course to avoid chronic pain and injuries. 

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