Make of gravity your best supporter 

Movement & Integration 

Monica Canducci - Move In MindTM

My Mission

I dedicate myself to the art of integration, because "integration" means to realize our full potential in complete harmony with the world  around. 

I support people in their integration process through movement work based on the Move In Mind Method, assisting them in exploring and recognizing their internal resources, in order to increase their awarenessimprove their quality of life, expand their range of motion and opportunities of action.

In my movement classes and sessions I use to integrate well established tools that involve body structure, creativity, cognitive process related to movement and a proper use of language & communication, addressing my work mainly to:

  • People working in movement & rehabilitation field (physical therapists, movement coaches, sport coaches, personal trainers, bodyworkers, etc.).

  • People working in  performing arts (artists, performers, circus and dance coaches, trainers, instructors, etc.);

  • People who want to achieve a greater level of integration and discover in their body powerful resources to embrace life transitions & changes.
Since my integration process has started from my love for arts (music, theatre and dance, and also writing and painting), my activity as a performer and entertainer is still present in my approach, as a way to share my journey through awareness.

By integrating all the parts of our body we become able to perceive connections between them and to coordinate them harmoniously in our movements.

By integrating the awareness of how our body structure, thoughts and emotions respond to internal and external stimuli, we recognize connections among sensations, thoughts and feelings, and we build congruence in our ‘self’.

By integrating our 'self' with the environment through the gravity field, we can improve our sense of self-support, "give directions" to our actions and integrate ourselves into a network of connections that enable us to expand our horizons and realize our Nature and True Self, achieving the best results in our life. So…

...Integrate Yourself! 

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