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Movement & Integration 

Monica Canducci - Move In MindTM

Introducing myself... 

I was born in Italy, in the month of January, and from a very early age I was attracted by all artistic forms. I was just as fascinated by the wonders of both the human body and the human mind, so much so as to consider a living being as the greatest work of art in the world. I decided to study artistic subjects which allowed me to express my creative talent; at the same time, I spent hours consulting encyclopedias and specialized books on medicine and anatomy. 

Since I liked painting, I attended the Institute of Art, where I often found myself painting a dimension full of immaterial, almost intangible wonders that I saw in my mind’s eye; this prompted me to a spiritual search (in touch with spiritual paths and Masters), to an understanding of the inner world, to the assimilation of the language of symbols and of archetypes. Meanwhile I studied piano and composition at the Conservatory of Music because rhythm and melody seemed to deeply epitomize, or at least nourish, my very soul. Feeling I had a gift for teaching or some didactic role, and finding learning very easy, I ended up with a diploma at the teacher training college, while at the same time I continued to develop my interest in both the workings of the human body, mind and psyche, as well as the world of symbols and archetypes. Oddly enough, all this studying led me away from the body element that I enjoyed exploring … and as I neared the age of twenty I was an uneasy tangle of physical and emotional pain and tension, so after an accident (a cervical-dorsal trauma) I was practically forced to face a process of total “restoration”.  At this point I realized how necessary it was for my body to try out in person those wonderful theories on the integration of body, mind and emotions that had fascinated me for so long.

I began regularly to practice relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques, I explored to the full autogenic training, yoga and martial arts such as Tai-Chi and Aikido, together with the techniques of massage and self-massage, finishing up with voice experiments, theatre, art of movement, and dance in order to achieve a more flowing quality to my body. Meanwhile, I began experimenting professionally in the role of instructor in creative activities for teachers in primary schools. 

I found soon a way of incorporating my new discoveries into the courses I presented, alongside my experiences in the psycho-corporeal field and in movement, thus offering tools with which to face up to stress, increase well-being and improve energy and efficiency. It was a success. I found it perfectly natural to make my achievements known to others, and the people who derived benefit from my knowledge, acknowledged the efficiency of the courses and the tools they used, after putting them into practice. In the meantime, my professional life split; on the one hand, I went on practicing my role in schools and, later on, in health institutions, as instructor for well-being and, on the other hand, I found myself back on the stage, initially as music writer and interpreter and afterwards as actress and dancer, testing myself as a theatre artist.

The theatre experience led me of necessity to intensify my experiments on my body, the instrument through which I communicated; every restriction in movement was clearly a limit to my expressiveness. To free my body from those limiting tensions and restrictions, I experimented with osteopathy, cranio-sacral and myofascial techniques and finished up with Rolfing® and Rolf Movement, an amazing process, a real and true course in education of the body which permits readjustment in harmony with the gravity field. Its effect on me was so intense and important, for my personal growth and fulfillment as well as my general health, that I ended up falling in love with it. I was so fascinated by the idea of accompanying other people towards the discoveries and the achievements I had made that I decided to embark on the specific Rolfing and Rolf Movement training. 

At the same time, my studies in dance drew me close to Philip Balmain Beamish, a Maestro of the art, and to his personal floor barre training method which I immediately predicted would have enormous potential in the teaching of perception, coordination, balance and stability, simultaneously increasing the flexibility of both body and mind.

In fact, I realized how much the achievements and transformations of the body could provoke openings, acquisitions and changes on a mental and emotional level; through the changes in my physical structure, my horizons expanded in all directions, as if my body were a concrete, tangible metaphor of my consciousness. 

It was the true beginning of my spiritual experience through my body. And finally it made me able to open myself to some amazing experiences that led me beyond the borders of the commonly defined "visible world". 

In order to manage this aspect of my being and life, I found a strong support in the connection with a spiritual path, through a real spiritual Master. But my "researcher side" was still impatient about experiencing new tools. 

To begin with, this induced me to face trance experiences, hypnosis as the gateway to deeper states of consciousness, and neurosciences as the access to the never ending road toward knowledge of body-mind connections … and at the end, to investigate the art of being in touch with oneself and others through language and communication. Neuro Linguistic Programming™ supplied me with some precious instruments, first of all for me to learn and, afterwards, for me to teach others how to fully discover their psychophysical resources in harmony with the various aspects of their being using the “right” words for everyone. The aim is to relate effectively to oneself and to the world around through feelings, emotions, thoughts and language … in a constant endeavor to realize one’s true Nature.

Along the way, I have learned that my true Nature entails sharing my achievements with whoever is travelling in the same direction as me. And to my mind, sharing implies coherence, or consistency, or congruence, between what I am and what I pronounce, testify, demonstrate and propose; I can only convey what I have fully incorporated and embodied, what I have acknowledged and integrated as part of me. My research is continually evolving, and continually permitting me to discover, embrace, integrate and transmit new ideas, expanding the boundaries of consciousness and awareness in a never ending process of assimilation …


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