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Movement & Integration 

Monica Canducci - Move In MindTM

Main professional experiences on Stage

  • Currently: Performer (dance, theatre, acting, mime)
  • 2019: Producer and Performer of the show "The Treasure Chest", Montreal (QC, Canada)
  • Producer and Performer of the show "The Fairy Code", Deux-Montagnes, Montreal (QC, Canada)
  • 2018: Performer in the show "Magikoo and the Clumsy Fairy", Montreal (QC, Canada)
  • 2013: Performer in the solo "A Long Walk Home" (music by Peter Gabriel), integrating choreography and improvisation into the dance, Montreal (QC, Canada)
  • 2010 tour: Performer (dance, mime) with Paola Corti (actress) in “Mater Valle”- wood & fire, water, wind, earth in different locations and theatres of Aosta Valley (Italy) and performer (dance, mime) in "Entre Glace et Neige – Far East Tales" with Paola Corti (storytelling), Aosta (Italy), with ‘Arti di Eris’ Theatrical Company directed by Paola Corti
  • 2010: Performer (dance, mime) in the videos “Dance with the Sword” made under the auspices of the Regional Department of Education and Culture, Superintendence for Cultural Property and Activities, Aosta Valley (Italy), and “Trasformarsi per guarire – una danza oltre la vita”, book-trailer of the homonymous book published by Roger Sarteur (2009 - Aosta, Italy).
  • 2010: Movement coach and trainer for "Arti di Eris" Theatrical Company directed by Paola Corti

  • 2009: Performer (dancer, mime, actress)" with Paola Corti (writer, actress) in the season "Chateaux en Musique", Aosta Valley (Italy,) with ‘Arti di Eris’ Theatrical Company directed by Paola Corti
  • 2007: Performer in "Long Walk Home" - Studio per Solo (music by Peter Gabriel), integrating choreography and improvisation into the dance, performed in Rome and Aosta (IT)
  • 1997 - 98 tour: Movement coach and trainer of the company, actress and dancer in "Sogno d'Estate" (from "A midsummer Night's Dream") and "Tempesta" (from "The Tempest" in the role of Arielboth taken from Shakespeare’s masterpieces and both directed by Gianluca Reggiani, 'Animaludi' Theatrical Company (IT)
  • 1991 - 92 tour, movement coach and trainer, actress, singer and joint composer of the backgraund music in "Con fervido zelo" by and with Sabina Guzzanti (1992 Aristofane Award) produced by AGD (IT)

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