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Movement & Integration 

Monica Canducci - Move In MindTM

Dancing awareness, dancing within...


In my experience, dance is not something "to do". 

Dance is something that happens. 

When we experience the rhythm in our breathing,

when we become aware of our inner space, 

when we expand our perceptions through our senses,

and we find ways to express all of it, 

in that space we perceive and call "outside",

enjoying natural, fluid, effortless movements,

then, dance can happen. 


I've named it "Dance Within", because every movement comes from inside, from the awareness of breathing, from that "core" which comprehends our viscera, deeper muscles, nerves and spine, and give us a sense of our "self".

So, when I dance, I feel movements developing by rising from my "core" and passing through limbs, bringing my well grounded and oriented body to explore the space around,  moving "my" inner space through it, interacting with it, breathing and bringing it inside...until the moment in which there is no more "inside" and no more "outside", but just the awareness of a moving space. 

In this experience, harmony and flow meet strength and power in the pleasure of gestures which follow and express the true and original nature, energy and organization of the body itself. It's simple.

When I teach dance classes and courses, some students realize and achieve a sense of freedom, some else a sense of stability, or energy, or grace, or openness... or, simply, a new way to feel, to listen to and to express themselves through movement. This is the reason why I integrate dance also in rehabilitation interventions. 

Sometimes I recommend this exploration specifically to women, as an invitation to know deeper our body, our inner cycles and rhythms, our hidden resources, in order to be aware of all the gifts that Nature provided us, increasing balance, consciousness and respect... Anyway, it's addressed to everyone who want to explore and express the world of inner rhythm, and movement.  

It's my favorite way to integration, because with other tools (Move-in Mind, Rolfing & Rolf Movement, Beamish Bodymind Balancing) I prepare the body-mind field, and then... Let the dance begin! 

Because the Dance Within is an easy and simple way to integration, open to all those people who want to experience dance, and life, from the deepest layers of themselves. 
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