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Monica Canducci

Classes & Trainings

Here the list about the classes, courses and training I am teaching, and the links to the calendar. Explore and enjoy!

MOVE IN MIND: Make of Gravity your best Supporter - Online Course - September 2019

Learn an extremely powerful and transformative method enabling you, your clients and students to maximize movement performance by integrating mental imagery, breathing and movement work. If you want to receive updates, please subscribe HERE.

Move In Mind classes - Introduction 

Movement explorations supported by sensory-motor imagery, aimed to increase body perception and awareness, to discover the universe of breathing, to release useless tensions, to experience how our balance is related to grounding and spatial orientation. A way to find how to move and act in the flow, feeling and expressing harmony, well-being and easiness. Lessons & workshops available for dance, theatre and circus companies, classes, groups, work teams, etc. 

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"Dance Within" classes

An easy and simple way to integration, open to all those people who want to experience dance, and life, from the deepest layers of themselves. 

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Move In Mind classes - Advanced

A powerful method aimed to align the body and focus the mind, to eliminate unnecessary tensions by differentiating and engaging specific muscle groups and fibers, to give support to movement through functional and complete breathing, to connect breathing and movement by coordinating diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles. 
A way to give emphasis to health and wellness in highly trained disciplines, working effortless in the most efficient way, feeling that movement begins from the “core” and flow through the whole body, keeping the body flexible and strong, using imagery to optimize every result and performance.

Classes, Workshops and Training available for dance, theatre and circus companies, classes, groups, work teams, etc.  

Train-the-Trainer: Move in Mind Training addressed to

  • Trainers, coaches, instructors, teachers, dancers, dance & movement therapists, people working in athletics and performing arts field who want to empower their effectiveness in instructing, coaching, teaching and communicating by integrating a new approach to workout, a new method and sequences of exercise, and new tools related to connections among breathing, mental imagery, movement, enhancing their skills and increasing their efficacy. The program includes a Beamish Bodymind Balancing® train-the-trainers basic program. Main topics of the course ->

  • Healthcare professionals and complimentary & alternative medicine practitioners, massage therapists, art, dance, movement therapists, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists who want to increase their efficacy, especially working with people with an acquired nervous system injury that needs a specific training addressed to recover sense of balance, perception, movement and coordination, in long-term rehabilitation. The program includes a Beamish Bodymind Balancing® train-the-trainers basic program, and fundamentals of The Listening Touch®Main topics of the course ->
  • Structural Integrators, Rolfers™ & Rolf Movement™ Practitioners who want to integrate Sensory Motor Imagery in their practice , increasing the ability to "dialogue" with tonic function in order to  enhance and optimize it, and/or want to work with people with  acquired nervous system injuries
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