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Monica Canducci - Move In MindTM


Quotes About Beamish Bodymind Balancing, I think it's a great method. In fact, the exercises, limited in number and only apparently very simple, help in a very efficient way to regain tonus and elasticity i.e. in the pelvic floor, to perceive the "middle line" and the" core" in the body (seen as the inner support). It promotes elasticity and coordination. As all the exercises are followed by conscious breathing, it promotes consciousness, range of wideness and fluidity. It is a precious tool, useful to continue to work on myself in order to maintain a good alignment and autonomy of my body. Quotes
Rita Balestri
Physical & Rehab. therapist, Rolfer & Rolf Movement pract.

Quotes The training course about Motor Imagery has been an experience which has enriched me very much professionally as well as on an inner and human level. It has given new inspiration, creativity and comprehension to my daily practice. Monica has shared her unique synthesis of therapeutic approach with generosity, ability, concreteness and maturity, opening to us a wide spectrum of possibilities of imagination, communication and movement which enriches and turns tridimensionally our field of action as body workers and therapists. I think that this training would be useful for all people working in this field, also if you don't want to work with people who have brain or spinal damage. The techniques we have learned are useful during every session, increasing successful results with clients. Quotes
Daniela Risser
Certified Rolfer, massage therapist

Quotes Wonderful practical way to apply new knowledge from science. Quotes
Davide Pierini
M. Ps., Neuropsychologist