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Monica Canducci - Move In MindTM


Quotes Monica Canducci has a unique and deep understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection. Her extensive background in dance has given her a spiritual, physical, emotional reservoir of great dimension. She brings great compassion and understanding into her broad spectrum of healing techniques, which is what makes her so deeply helpful. Quotes
Evelyn Hart
Ballerina (Royal Winnipeg Ballet), professional trainer & coach

Quotes After my first Rolfing session with Monica I was walking more easilythan I had been for months following a motorcycle accident. She was very generous with her knowledge of the body and how to bring about the right circumstances for me to gain understanding that would stay with me. She also chose some exercises of Beamish Bodymind Balancing that taught me to improve my movement by recruiting the right muscles for the right movements. Her use of imagery was useful in getting past the preconceptions of my body and my preconceptions on how it should work to a more flexible model that helped connect me to my surroundings. After a session I feel an incredible amount of space, balance, and calm. Before I would search for good posture and alignment and never quite find it, now it's the most comfortable place to be! Quotes
Louis Kammerer
Circus Artist, Cavalia

Quotes By working with Monica and following her training courses, I've found the opportunity to improve in several aspects. A deeper awareness of the functioning of the body helps me to understand what's going on inside my psycho-physical structure, and it helps me to work in a functional way (now I can spend many hours standing, while keeping my verticality effortlessly). As a dancer, I can use what I have experienced to prepare my body for action. As a teacher, I can pass on what I learned to my students in dance classes, helping them to increase their performance. In addition, by integrating Beamish Bodymind Balancing (I've studied with Philip Beamish) with Motor Imagery training, I improved my ability to teach. I've started to dedicate some classes to people outside the world of dance and sport, by helping them to find a way to feel good, to improve their range of motion, to reduce muscular pain, and to rediscover that sense of stability and balance needed to face the world and life. Quotes
Roberta Mussoni
Dancer, ballet teacher, director at "Arabesque Dance Center"

Quotes I work as a tv, radio programs and live shows presenter, and my inner resources are full engaged every time. Over the years I learned to use many strategies to achieve my goals, but not always the result coincided 100% with expectations. I am 1.75 mt. tall, my weight is 60 kg, I have green eyes and dark hair, a nice presence in the classic, but I felt as something didn't "work" properly. When I started to work with Monica, I felt immediately how much this work was helping me to breathe differently. Releasing tensions in my diaphragm, I was able to break up any feeling of restriction. After a few weeks my chest was more open, my back straightened, my leg muscles lengthened. I felt gratified and at the same time more graceful and strong. During these last years I reached all my professional goals, and this result is not due to a chance or outer situations, but to my attitude to take care and in charge of my mind and of my body at the same time. The work with Monica is amazing! Quotes
Katia Berruquier
Radio & TV presenter, author, director of TV programs at RAI

Quotes In 2006 I won a national television contest for young singers, and my artistic dream as an Italian popular melodic music interpreter has begun. In this leap from "a young promise" to "a professional", many things have changed. First, my manager told me that I should take care of my body, because " on stage you must have not just vocal talent, but also presence, attitude, awareness of the body and of movement". My previous job had provoked a continue strain on my body. As an hockey player and a motorcyclist, even in sports I ended up to undermining my body. When I met Monica, she started to work on restrictions that were preventing me from fluidity in movements, giving me freedom and control. Today I can devote myself to my passions and hobbies, because any disharmony can be rebalanced through this wonderful integrated approach. Thanks to it, my performances as a singer have received fresh impetus, and on stage I have gained in naturalness, spontaneity, mastery, security and power. Quotes
Andrea Balestrieri

Quotes THANKS MONICA! Thanks because you gave me the opportunity to know my body, giving it a new freedom. My back has been reborn and my attitude in life has changed in better. All people should experience "on their skin" how much they can be happier in their body. Thanks again. Quotes
Pilar Ottoz
Journalist at RAI - (Italian National Television)

Quotes P.S. Monica's hands are magic, her soul too! Quotes
Pilar Ottoz
Journalist at RAI - (Italian National Television)

Quotes I became a quadriplegic after a car accident when I was 18. Today I am 35. After years in which my body seemed to have become stable and I haven't achieve any new changes, in 2008 I started working with Monica using various tools as Rolfing, Beamish Bodymind Balancing and Motor Imagery. In this work I have found great benefits both psychological and physical. The work has somehow "woken up" my system, giving new inputs that result in improvements which have contributed to improve the quality of my life, something priceless (I've recovered part of the ability to perceive, move and stabilize my trunk). These techniques are minimally invasive and therefore suitable for everyone and this is, in my opinion, the strength of this work. Monica is very caring and her preparation to 360° allows an overview, that is something essential in the search for a result that, in other ways, would be difficult to achieve. Thank you, Monica. Quotes
Claudio B.
DOWNSYSTEM snc - clothing design for disabled people

Quotes About Move-in Mind Motor Imagery training: the different skills that Monica Canducci shared with us enriched my therapeutic approach, where words and imaginative process, in a synergy with the "physical" approach and work, become instruments which evoke and reintegrate lost functions. The result is a global approach where listening, intuition, creativity become a very stimulating fusion for the client as well as for the therapist. Together, the client and the therapist approach and experience the possibility of retrieval and adaptability of our nervous system. Quotes
Rita Balestri
Physical &Rehabilitation therapist, Rolfer& Rolf Movement prct.

Quotes I attended both Beamish Bodymind Balancing lessons and the training course with Monica, and from her I received Rolfing sessions too. This kind of "movement and integration work" has allowed me to know even more deeply my body and myself. It has been a wonderful journey of awareness and education to body and movement that led me to feel much more free both in my body and in my mind. All the integration process has helped me to set me free from the sense of insecurity within, to have a more correct and functional posture, and above all to acquire a deepest sense of grounding and self-support. I have considerably improved my flexibility and my joint and muscle elasticity, acquiring a wonderful state of general and global well-being. Quotes
Catia Domaine
Personal Trainer, fitness & wellness instructor