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"Handling" weight and lightness: Edouard Doye & Marion Crampe.

Posted on November 12, 2012 at 12:10 AM

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Going a step further… If there were something able to lead us beyond the level of integration we can admire in a “solo” performance, it could be the creative meeting between two artists who show us not only the world of their skills, abilities and talents, but also an extraordinary ability at integrating their different worlds, and backgrounds, giving birth to something extraordinary.


So, watch this video, looking at the amazing performance done by Edouard Doye and Marion Crampe. What they together show us is a wonderful example of integration beyond the border of the single individual.

Their “similarities” (in most of the gestures in the choreography and skills) and their “differences” (obviously in gender, in bodies, in movements, styles, energy… ) appear so well integrated that amplify the results to the best level. In their interaction, any personal and unique talent finds in the “other” a kind of “magic mirror” that set off the best of every one. It’s more than interaction, more than combination: it’s that kind of synergy we can define “integration”. And we obtain integration, in any “system”, when every “part” does the “right thing” in the “right way” and in the “right time”. Not so easy to achieve! Anyway, they are able to build something new together, a new “system”, as a “double star” gravitating around a common gravity center (the pole...). They look able to give each other the necessary “space”, in order to exalt each one’s abilities, creating a perfect “sense of balance” in their performance. And they are able to enrich each other with their presence, respecting the other’s space and rhythm, giving rise to other’s talents. 

An amazing example of integration of the “self” with the world around, through the presence of the “other”. Actually, they look so well integrated with each other, that they seem to be “one world”. A “new world” that shows, communicates and transmits us beauty, balance, strength, easiness, essentiality, harmony, fluidity, perfection, and integration. It’s really “moving”. Because, of course, we have not to be champions in the pole art, or in whatever other discipline, to pursuit integration. We can aspire after integration in daily life, whatever we do and whatever we are, even if we are not able to move at all. But I think that when we look at an artistic performance that shows such a high level of quality, we feel “moved” in order to go beyond our limits, in every sense… pursuing integration.

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