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Edouard Doye: Art In Movement & Integration

Posted on November 12, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Keep in mind the amazing role of “mirror neurons” (in my post about Ramachandran speech) and watch the videos below.

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I love so much this artist. The meeting with his “art in movement” has given me a lot of inspirations about motion, integration and new ways we can explore in order to learn (or re-learn) how to move, using all our mind-body resources. I think he gives us an admirable example of high quality movement, and high quality style in movement. Watching his performances we can observe and recognize (and “resonate” with) awareness, presence, strength, power, elegance, grace, fluidity, flexibility, harmony, expressiveness, rhythm, timing…

He shows us a complete mastery in every movement; and every movement he does appears effortless. 

An extraordinary coordination in every gesture, that seems really to come from the core (also called “center”) of the body-mind system. A wonderful management of space, orientation, verticality, balance, alignment, weight and gravity. A demonstration of the ability to achieve balance, stability and stabilization through hands, too (and other parts of the body), and not only through the feet in contact with the ground.

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And the relationship with the pole (becoming sometimes a "pole of attraction", or a "center of gravity" that develops in a vertical dimension) appears to me as a way to show up skills and give emphasis to the movement itself. It gives me also new inspirations about relationships, contact and connections, in the frame of surroundings including space, ground, “sky”, gravity (and movement too, looking at the performance with the flying pole).

A great model of integration in movement performances, able to make us feel what means “to be in the flow”.

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