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About our nervous system rules...

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This video is not only about theatre, or about clownerie. I found it very inspiring, thinking to my work about nervous system injuries, and about the possibilities of recovering.


“Theatre is a game, only no one know the rules.” And I think that we should apply it also to our knowledge about how our nervous system really works.
Our nervous system can surprise ourself. And sometimes, like in theatre, healing or improvements are a matter of rapport, and of empathy. And, in the role of the “therapists”, we should think not to be interesting, but just be interested to the person we are working with.


And breath…is always the best teacher.

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The Move-in Mind Project

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I'm glad to share with you my last free eBook, "Move-in Mind™: The power of mental imagery in nervous system rewiring". 

Please, visit the Move-in Mind Project page on my website and download the free eBook there.

It is the first step of a project aimed to share the basis of Move-in Mind™ Training with everybody interested in mind-body connections and everyone involved in taking care of those who suffer because of an acquired brain or spinal cord injury, in order to share knowledge, experiences, ideas and integrate new tools in their practices.

After reading the eBook, please come back here using this post in order to comment or share your ideas and thoughts, or, if you prefer, contact me privately here. I’m working in order to share the handouts of the lectures I usually give in the Move-in Mind Training course. As soon as I'll have done something new, I’ll add a post here. Thank you!

Working with Claudio (Move-in Mind: Rolfing S.I. and imagery)

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By Monica Canducci, Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner

I met Claudio, my first quadriplegic client, after an episode of brain anoxia due to a blood pressure fall and consequent fibrillation and cardiac arrest that happened to me in March 2009... Read more on the Move-in Mind Project page, and DOWNLOAD FOR FREE THE EBOOK HERE!

A Long Walk Home - Dance Performance

Posted on August 25, 2013 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (3)


Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Renaissance Yoga Studio - 3414 du Parc Avenue, Suite #320, Montreal (langue française en dessous)

A long walk home. Our journey on the way of integration. A journey that leads us to find our place in the world by discovering who we really are. A journey in which we can fall down and rise again, in which we are invited to transform every limitation into an opportunity, every “diversity” into a quality, finding strength and further resources in connecting with each other…

…Because our ability to stand up travels through the horizon of our heart.

In my opinion "integration" means to realize our full potential in complete harmony with the world around. “A Long Walk Home” is dedicated to all those people who are struggling in order to find a way to integrate -or re-integrate - themselves into life, and conquer a way of expression and freedom, turning any “limitation” in a resource.

It is indeed “A Long Walk Home”, because our integration process never stops. Our journey is a continuous work in progress. In any situation or condition, we are unique. We are treasures. We need only to discover our resources, and find the best way to express them, express ourselves, in any situation, realizing our full potential at the best possible level, in harmony with the world where we belong.

About me: I work as a Certified Rolfer™ & Rolf Movement™ practitioner, and I have worked in the artistic field as a coach, trainer and performer in the field of theatre, music, dance since the 1990s.

In dance, I have developed her research starting from the act of breathing, exploring different methods and disciplines as Yoga, Aikido, T’ai Chi, Butoh, Indian Dance, and approaching finally Contemporary Dance, creating my own style that I call “Dance Within”.

In my performances the “choreographic idea” leaves a great space to improvisation, because in my opinion dance is presence to the self and to the world around, and it is created in the present moment.


• The performance "A Long Walk Home" will be offered twice, at 4:00 p.m. and at 6:00 p.m., and will be presented by the multi-talented Melodie Rabatel, singer, musician and author, who will be the introductory voice.


• As we are in a yoga centre, please note you will be asked to enter the space barefoot (your shoes can be left at the door) and be aware you will need to sit on cushions, on the wooden floor.

• There is no set contribution, you are free to give what you can. All that will be collected will be used towards supporting Michael Mathieu, my friend and colleague who was left quadriplegic exactly a year ago in a bike accident, to help him reintegrate himself in life.

“A Long Walk Home / Rentrer chez soi - le long chemin du retour”- Représentation de danse - Samedi, 21 Septembre, 2013 au Studio de Yoga Renaissance – 3414, avenue du Parc, local #320 à Montréal

“Rentrer chez soi - le long chemin du retour”. Notre voyage sur le chemin de l’intégration. Un périple qui nous pousse à trouver notre place dans le monde en nous faisant découvrir qui nous sommes réellement. Ce chemin durant lequel nous pouvons tomber et nous relever de nouveau, pendant lequel nous sommes invités à transformer toutes nos limites en opportunités, toute notre “diversité” en qualités, en trouvant la force et des ressources supplémentaires afin de nous unir tous ensemble….

…Parce que notre habilité à rester debout voyage à travers l’horizon de notre cœur.

Selon moi, 'l’intégration' consiste à réaliser son plein potentiel en complète harmonie avec le monde qui nous entoure. "Rentrer chez soi – Le long chemin du retour" s’adresse à toutes ces personnes qui s’efforcent de trouver un moyen de s’intégrer ou de se réintégrer à la vie, et de s’approprier un mode d’expression et de liberté, en transformant chaque limitation en une ressource. C’est en effet "Un long trajet de retour", car notre processus d'intégration ne s’arrête jamais. C’est un périple sans fin. Dans quelque situation ou condition que ce soit, nous sommes uniques. Nous sommes de précieux trésors. Il nous faut juste trouver en nous les ressources, et découvrir la meilleure façon de les exprimer, de nous exprimer, dans n’importe quelle situation, en réalisant notre plein potentiel au niveau le plus haut possible, en harmonie avec le monde auquel nous appartenons.


À propos de moi: je suis une praticienne Rolfer™ & Mouvement Rolf™ certifiée, je travail dans le domaine des Arts comme mentor, entraineur et interprète, dans les disciplines du théâtre, de la musique et de la danse depuis les années 1990.

Pour la danse, j'ai développé ma recherche fondée sur l’art de la respiration, de l’exploration de méthodes et de disciplines différentes, telles que le Yoga, l’Aikido, le T’ai Chi, le Butoh, la danse indienne et la danse contemporaine. J'ai créé mon propre style que j'appelle “Danse Intérieure”, et dans mes représentations les “Idées Chorégraphiques” laissent une grande place à l’improvisation, parce que, selon moi, la danse est une présence avec le soi et le monde qui nous entoure, et est créée dans l’instant présent.


- Puisque nous sommes accueillis dans un centre de yoga, veuillez noter que vous devrez entre nu-pieds (vos chaussures pourront être laissées à la porte) et que vous serez conviés sur des coussins, sur le plancher de bois.

- Il n’y a pas de prix d’entrée, vous êtes libres de donner ce que vous pouvez. Tous vos dons seront recueillis pour le support de Michael Mathieu, mon ami et collègue, qui est devenu quadriplégique il y a exactement un an des suites d’un accident de vélo, afin de l’aider à se réintégrer à la vie.

• Le spectacle de Monica sera offert à deux reprises, à 16: 00h, et à 18: 00h, et sera presenté par la multi-talentueuse Mélodie Rabatel, chanteuse, musicienne et auteure, qui sera sa voix de d’introduction.



About Mirror Neurons - V. Ramachandran (November 2009)

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Do you think it's important to have some models of "excellence" to see, especially when we are immerse in a learning process? The video below has given me great inspirations about how much things we see and observe can help us to learn, giving us new opportunities to go beyond our range of actions, gestures, perceptions, feelings, and behaviors, too.

In this video, neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran outlines the fascinating functions of "mirror neurons". It made me aware of how much it's important to have models and examples to observe, too, when we want to learn something new, especially in the movement field!

In some way, it has helped me to realize how everyone can "see" (and feel) things in different ways, and with different degrees of empathy and involvement.

And this is just the beginning...

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Edouard Doye: Art In Movement & Integration

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Keep in mind the amazing role of “mirror neurons” (in my post about Ramachandran speech) and watch the videos below.

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I love so much this artist. The meeting with his “art in movement” has given me a lot of inspirations about motion, integration and new ways we can explore in order to learn (or re-learn) how to move, using all our mind-body resources. I think he gives us an admirable example of high quality movement, and high quality style in movement. Watching his performances we can observe and recognize (and “resonate” with) awareness, presence, strength, power, elegance, grace, fluidity, flexibility, harmony, expressiveness, rhythm, timing…

He shows us a complete mastery in every movement; and every movement he does appears effortless. 

An extraordinary coordination in every gesture, that seems really to come from the core (also called “center”) of the body-mind system. A wonderful management of space, orientation, verticality, balance, alignment, weight and gravity. A demonstration of the ability to achieve balance, stability and stabilization through hands, too (and other parts of the body), and not only through the feet in contact with the ground.

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And the relationship with the pole (becoming sometimes a "pole of attraction", or a "center of gravity" that develops in a vertical dimension) appears to me as a way to show up skills and give emphasis to the movement itself. It gives me also new inspirations about relationships, contact and connections, in the frame of surroundings including space, ground, “sky”, gravity (and movement too, looking at the performance with the flying pole).

A great model of integration in movement performances, able to make us feel what means “to be in the flow”.

"Handling" weight and lightness: Edouard Doye & Marion Crampe.

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Going a step further… If there were something able to lead us beyond the level of integration we can admire in a “solo” performance, it could be the creative meeting between two artists who show us not only the world of their skills, abilities and talents, but also an extraordinary ability at integrating their different worlds, and backgrounds, giving birth to something extraordinary.


So, watch this video, looking at the amazing performance done by Edouard Doye and Marion Crampe. What they together show us is a wonderful example of integration beyond the border of the single individual.

Their “similarities” (in most of the gestures in the choreography and skills) and their “differences” (obviously in gender, in bodies, in movements, styles, energy… ) appear so well integrated that amplify the results to the best level. In their interaction, any personal and unique talent finds in the “other” a kind of “magic mirror” that set off the best of every one. It’s more than interaction, more than combination: it’s that kind of synergy we can define “integration”. And we obtain integration, in any “system”, when every “part” does the “right thing” in the “right way” and in the “right time”. Not so easy to achieve! Anyway, they are able to build something new together, a new “system”, as a “double star” gravitating around a common gravity center (the pole...). They look able to give each other the necessary “space”, in order to exalt each one’s abilities, creating a perfect “sense of balance” in their performance. And they are able to enrich each other with their presence, respecting the other’s space and rhythm, giving rise to other’s talents. 

An amazing example of integration of the “self” with the world around, through the presence of the “other”. Actually, they look so well integrated with each other, that they seem to be “one world”. A “new world” that shows, communicates and transmits us beauty, balance, strength, easiness, essentiality, harmony, fluidity, perfection, and integration. It’s really “moving”. Because, of course, we have not to be champions in the pole art, or in whatever other discipline, to pursuit integration. We can aspire after integration in daily life, whatever we do and whatever we are, even if we are not able to move at all. But I think that when we look at an artistic performance that shows such a high level of quality, we feel “moved” in order to go beyond our limits, in every sense… pursuing integration.

Amaluna - Cirque Du Soleil - June 2012

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This is the best show I've ever seen. Really, It has given me a lot of emotions and inspirations.

As I wrote many times, my life is a journey dedicated to integration, and I think that what Cirque du Soleil gives us is the best example of what we can define really "integration" in a global context, and in a global meaning. It seems really a model of "excellence".

Amaluna has been a complete experience in which I was involved with all my senses. It's a beyond-space-and-time story, really a "land" (or, better, an island) where myths, literature, magic, music, creativity, arts, technology, mastery, athletic disciplines, performing arts, meet together and give birth to a wonderful creation, through people coming from different cultures and parts of the World. On stage, in the wonderful frame of suggestive sets and sparkling costumes, every artist shows a complete mastery of his/her art, and is completely integrated in a perfect context of "wholeness". And we can imagine what it is beyond what we see...