"I help health & wellbeing aspirants feel comfortable in their body improving their posture, coordination, and emotion management, so they chan achieve mind-body balance and peace of mind, and express their joy of living through freedom of movement."
Monica Canducci - Move In Mind Founder & Top Trainer


Wellbeing Trainer & Coach, Founder

I'm an Italian Certified Rolfer™, Rolf Movement Practitioner and Morales Method® Certified Instructor moved to Canada in 2012. Since my childhood I have been fascinated by connections. My passion for connections, communication and neuroscience has brought me to explore the fascinating world of interconnections between our body structure, thoughts, emotions, language, and the perceived environment....


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The work with Monica has been a wonderful journey of awareness that led me to feel much more free both in my body and in my mind...


After my first session with Monica I was walking more easily than I had been for months following a motorcycle accident...

Performing Arts

Monica has a unique and deep understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection. Her extensive background in dance...


By working with Monica and following her training courses, I've found the opportunity to improve in several aspects...