Move-in MindTM & Rolfing® Structural Integration in Montreal

Movement & Integration 

Monica Canducci

My sessions

A session with me is always a beneficial surprise. I will welcome you with a cup of tea, then I'll listen to your words, but above all I'll pay attention to your body and its language, and then we will define together - according to your needs and goals - the strategy and the tools to be utilized. 

A session usually last between 1 hour  and 2 hours. 

My sessions are aimed to help you:

  • Achieve movement fluidity 
  • Restore balance and harmony 
  • Increase body awareness and presence
  • Explore the connections between body, thoughts, emotions and environment
  • Learn to understand the language and messages of your body
  • Achieve wellbeing and optimal health
  • Improve coordination and flexibility
  • Discover in your body powerful resources to embrace life transitions and changes.

In a nutshell... Revive your body, light up your soul!